Prophecy given to HFF and Pastor Art & JoAnn Aragon by Dr. Mark Barclay

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dr. Mark Barclay to Heritage Family Fellowship:

You have now entered a time span that's been specifically preserved for you, "2012". I plan to show up and show off on your behalf this year. And so you must get in line for the blessing that I have for you, for the spiritual power that I have for you, for the health that I have for you and for the money that I plan to bring into your life. You must predetermine, the Lord says, what you're gonna do with that money, otherwise you will misuse it even accidentally and no more will come, says the Lord.

Pastor art speaking in tongues

My will, My ways, this hour! Glory!

Dr. Mark Barclay to Heritage Family Fellowship:

It is not all that difficult, the Lord says, you’ve been taught before. You go back to the form of sound words.  There you’ll find My Will and you’ll find My Way. But I tell ya for those that have come out from among them and purpose to separate themselves, it is your year of promotion and you’re going to the highest spiritual mountain top that you have ever been, says the Lord.

Dr. Barclay to Pastor Art & JoAnn:

There’s a wall that’s been removed, a barrier wall, that’s been removed over your life and ministry.  And I did it by My Hand, and I did it on purpose because I needed you to be free in your spirit and wide open again without all these other responsibilities just to flow in the things of God and to bless My people, both those that are directly under your care and those that will be. There’s a new gathering, the Lord says, coming to you, there’s a new gathering.   It will be in addition to what you have, but there’s a new gathering of preachers that once again will unite under your care, and between the army of believers and the army of preachers you’re about to enter your finest hour, says the Lord. Hallelujah! And I claim it to make the biggest impact that your ministry has ever made before. In Jesus Name!  In Jesus Name!

Pastor Art:

Glory be to God!